Updates to the project list!

Image may contain: tree, sky and outdoorI’m preparing to go to KWHSS in the Debatable Lands (finally!  Another kingdom down for me!)  Valor was a lot of fun (and Camp Interkingdom Incident really was a blast to hang out with).  And, my class and workshop went well, so definitely some good times.  (Also, I forgot that I’m not bad as a cook.  I’ll take it!)

I still, though, have projects.  And I’m realizing that I’m taking on new ones without finishing up the old ones, so I really need to spend some time and dedicate myself to not taking on new ones.

Things still to accomplish.

  1. Lined Skjoldehamn hood (will definitely have to redo the centre panel.  Alas.  Am working on remeasuring, cutting out, and sewing the entire thing up.  Almost there.)
  2. Cutting out several Byzantine bone box blanks in preparation for turning into Byzantine box icons.
  3. Sewing up Byzantine boy garb (PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS!)
  4. Thaddeus’ Achievement of Arms (I need to make a purchase of more perg, as I’m out of new full sheets.  I should also probably get some Miniatum, since I’m having gold adhesion issues with the perg.  Bleh.)
  5. Making more casual Byzantine clothing (PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS!  Boils down to needing fabric at this point, since I now have an idea of where to go with this.)
  6. Heraldic banner for my significant other. (purchased canvas and just need to do sewing and layout for this.)
  7. Secret project scroll #2 (I have words, but I need to figure out art and a few other things.)
  8. Creating four Byzantine peerage ceremonies (I’m picking through rather slowly.  There’s a lot of information.  De Ceremoniis is a doorstop of a book!)

Things I’ve gotten accomplished!

  1. Painting Aed’s shield.
  2. Secret project scroll #1 (can’t post about it yet – but there will be a post, promise)
  3. Nobelese Largesse Secret Project (blogged about here)
  4. Mar’s Quilt block (which has been presented and photos can be found on facebook)
  5. Written Pelican scroll text for Jaida de Leon
  6. New Baronial A&S Champions traveling trophy. (who is currently me, but I’m looking forward to handing that one off)  I do want to do some clean-up work on this particular piece so that it’s comfortable to wear.
  7. A whole slew of Facebook frames for at least five kingdoms and one principality.(while not a period art, it is a service and probably something I should post.)
  8. Baronial preprints.  (I’ve honestly lost track of how many I’ve done for the barony.  It’s also a blast to work with others on this, too.)
  9. A bunch of preprints for TRM to use.  And the preprint workshop at Valor helped Their Majesties out, too.  I may have to hold more of these in the future.
  10. Baronial roll of arms project. (this is honestly an ongoing project, but it’s fun to see how far it’s come in the years we’ve worked on it.)
  11. Camp banners for Valor.
  12. Creating handouts for Valor’s classes.
  13. Banner for KWHSS.

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