Family Heirlooms: how heraldic inheritance really works

With the interest in heraldry growing from the funeral of QEII, there's something I've noticed a lot of lately from folks outside of the SCA, and that is (mostly Americans) not understanding how heraldry works. So, you know those heraldic shops at cultural festivals and renaissance faires and occasionally the mall? You know, the ones … Continue reading Family Heirlooms: how heraldic inheritance really works

Herald’s Admonishments: Chivalry for Heralds

About a decade or so ago, I became acquainted with Gerald Legh's Accedens of Armourie (1562) as a relatively new herald. Gerald Legh was an English lawyer (specifically the Inner Temple of the Inns of Court) and wrote a lot on heraldry specifically. Within the Accedens, he also admonishes that the people acting as heralds … Continue reading Herald’s Admonishments: Chivalry for Heralds