Time for All Things to End

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I am stepping down from my post as Baronial A&S champion this weekend (it was supposed to be earlier this year, but we ended up moving the event due to inclement weather) – so I had some time to finish off some things that I wanted to do.

I perhaps was not as active of a champion as I would have liked.  Making art when you’re in the throes of depressive cycles or even crazy-busy work schedules is sometimes problematic.  And to be completely honest, I am not the most disciplined when it comes to making things.  (See also why there are all of these monthly project management posts as of late.)  However, some of the job of being A&S Champion also means encouraging others to share their stuff, and that I have done, and find exceedingly rewarding.

Anyway, I believe in leaving office/championship, etc. better than how I got it.  When I stepped up, I received a beautifully embroidered belt favour, which I’ve worn for a little over a year.  (I have some philosophical thoughts on the periodicity of belt favours, but sometimes, you have to suck it up and wear it as representation of who you are.)  However, that was it.  I get an OP designation in our Baronial Order of Precedence, but nothing else.  And I’m okay with that for me, but I want those who come after me to having something else.  So, there’s a new traveling trophy (that’s the carved bone medallion, which is also not super-period, but necklaces are easier to justify as a period object) and a scroll, which they get to keep.  It’s another Tiny Scroll by Konstantia™, being 4″x6″, so it’s a bit ridiculous.  However, the winner gets to take this home and keep it.  I hope that a a tradition like this continues.

I also wrote the scroll text.  Their Excellencies (really, His Excellency) are Norse personae, so I wrote something with a lot of kennings.

Great are our artisans, of whom we speak wordfame.
Full our halls are with their works
Of the bones of the sea and of the honey-wave, of song and of Sif’s hair
We adorn them – the landing place of the falcon on their arms
And bid _________ to guard their place
At the forges, workshops, kitchens, and halls
From now until the shield of the house of storms returns

I really want to tuck the words “of song and of Sif’s hair” into a song somewhere, but that’s neither here nor there.

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