About Me and Contact Konstantia

About Konstantia

559609_4181909785052_460168866_nKonstantia Kaloethina came to the kingdom of Calontir in 2005, after a few years of hearing about this magnificent historical world called the Society for Creative Anachronism.  They are proteged to Master Gabriel andvaka Kjotvason.

They moved to the Barony of Forgotten Sea in 2012, after living in the Crown Lands just north of the Barony.


efaa9-1148969_10152788092133228_2103732208_n1Konstantia is the youngest daughter of Cosmas Gabrielus Kaloethes and Italica filia Pelagius, silk merchants recently ennobled under Justinian and Theodora.  Living in the courts of Justinian, she serves as a lady-in-waiting of Aelia Sophia, wife of Justin, the emperor’s nephew.  Born a few days after the end of the Nika riots, she is a daughter of revolution and yet of faith, as the completion of Hagia Sophia was also in the same year. Educated under the reforms of Empress Theodora, Konstantia speaks Greek and Latin. She is a patroness of the arts and a patroness of a small home for orphans and widows.

Constantine Gabrielus Kaloethes, known as Constans, is a minor noble serving in the courts of Justinian and Theodora.  He is a diplomat working in the Bureau of Barbarians (scrinium barbarorum) and like the Emperor and Empress, is a Blue.  He, too, was born a few days after the end of the Nika riots, and speaks Latin, Greek, and a smattering of other barbarian tongues.

Modern Life

cranach_konstancia_snap_art_crazing_by_worldsedge-d7sg58vRachel Ost lives in Kansas City, Missouri.  They studied history at Northwest Missouri State University, and occasionally creates magic and mayhem in Photoshop. Their areas of interest outside the SCA include jewellery, geography, and reading.  Rachel is genderqueer, and uses they/them pronouns.

They also enjoy travelling, long walks on rocky shores, and playing with fire and power tools, though usually not at the same time.

Contact Konstantia/Constans

You can contact them at the following email address:

cowtownchick [at] gmail.com. The @ sign is removed to control spam content.

Creative Commons License
Konstantia Kaloethina: Just Another Byzantine Blog by Rachel Ost is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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