2017 SCA Resolutions, revisited. . .

Looking back at my SCA resolutions from last year, and I got none of them done. Sigh.  Not.  A.  One.  Now, to be fair, my modern work life was in a crap-ton of flux, but I’m hoping for much smoother sailing this year.  Goals #1 (actually finish a project before taking on another one) and #5 (Find the joy) were sort of kind of mostly achieved, but I could do much better.

So, this year, I’m going to try to do the following:
Comment once a month on OSCAR (where heraldic commentary happens).
Make at least a piece of art a month and post it to 12 Months of Crafting
Be gentler with myself
Do the things in the SCA that bring me joy.

What I did do this year:
I wrote a couple of scroll texts: Elspeth’s Lily and Brigida’s Pelican
I won my barony’s A&S Championship, of which you can read more here
I entered Queen’s Prize with a project that was a long term goal to achieve
I tried out the 14th century by making my own surcote and hair pins
I better fleshed out my Rus kit by adding the details with temple rings and the like
Created a new heraldic big board for our Crown tournaments
I painted a few heraldic banners (or heraldic type banners) for friends who needed heraldry on their things (because seriously – if you have heraldry, please put it on all the things!)
I also painted several more small pennons for the Baronial Roll of Arms project, which is now at 63 completed arms (as of last night) – I also still need to blog about this, so that’s on my schedule to write about
I painted a buckler for one of Calontir’s premiers of the Order of the Masters of Defense, as well as two other combat-worthy shields
I designed preprints for the upcoming reign, as well as painted preprints for the current reign
Wrote (and published in a KWHSS proceedings) an article on volunteer management

I have so much that I want to do, but I want to go about it in a healthy sort of way, both mentally, and for my pocketbook, because my computer is old and really should be replaced soon.  So, I have a project notebook (which is ironically a Harry Potter notebook because it’s my second love) that I’ll use to write down the idea and table it for a time where I can afford to do it and keep track of the status of the project.

Below, see the photos of this year’s projects.  Onward and upward!


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