I Need Your Help

Hi all – I wish this was an awesome research post or a post about something I made.  Instead, I’m asking for a tiny bit of help with a bit of a modern-day problem.  I’m visiting my Diarmaid, and my computer hard drive ended up needing to be replaced.  I was able to have it replaced (and remarkably, most of my research is intact, along with my documentation).  Unfortunately, it also means that I’m also living on borrowed time.  I’m on a 5+ year old Mac, and well, computers aren’t meant to last forever.

So, I’m raising money to help get a new one.  If my research or blog posts have helped you in any way, would you mind throwing a few bucks my way?  I’d greatly appreciate it.  You can donate by going here.

The new year will bring some more work on bone and tagua carving (I need to make a couple more bone icons), and I’m hoping to do some more research on early period icons.

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