Aline’s Laurel Paternoster

First, a bit of silly.  (also, reasons why I really shouldn’t be allowed into Photoshop #478, and major apologies to Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half).


Anyway, so, my friend Aline was elevated to the Laurel this weekend at Kris Kinder, which is Calontir’s biggest shopping event.  When she was announced at Pennsic, I knew I wanted to make her something awesome, but something that she could carry to show her as being a Laurel without a medallion beaming the way.  (I have my own opinions about award medallions, but I think that may be for later.)

So, I started looking for beads that could really work well for a paternoster, which works for her persona (14th c English womaIMG_2933_2n).  It helps that my apprentice-sister Iulia makes gorgeous glass beads that just so happen to look like laurel leaves wrapped around the centre of the bead.  And I had just been gifted some silky-smooth bone beadIMG_2930s.  And luckily, had silk in Aline’s livery colours (vert and sable).  I then just needed to find a laurel wreath.  As laurel wreaths are very popular in modernity, finding a charm would not be difficult.  Granted, this sort of laurel wreath motif is not one that I’ve found to be particularly period, especially on paternosters, however, to go with the plan of having a way to have a stealth Laurel medallion, it worked.  In the future, I think I want to learn how to carve soapstone to make a mould for similar charms/medallions/milagros/etc. to hang off of the paternoster.

Bone beads are also extraordinarily common – especially as paternoster beads.  Combining with glass, another period material, and with dyed silk (also period), and a paternoster was born.

I also had the privilege to speak as a representative of the populace during Aline’s ceremony – and I am so humbled.  Thank you, Magistra.

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