Norse Bling!

IMG_2965 So, I’ve got a couple of swaps (Noblesse Largesse and EKAE) that I’m participating in, and I’m working through some ideas.  Sometimes, when I work through ideas, that means I do some experimentation.

These are posaments, used by the Norse as an additional level of bling.  Found largely in the Birka finds, posaments varied in shape, type of metal, and even texture.

So, experimentation away!  The posament on the left is a simple double running single braid.  I will probably do another braid, but with five strands, perfect for running at the top of a Norse gown or around the cuffs.


The posaments on the left could have been used around a neckline or on a hat.

All use silver-plated Artistic Wire (silver-plated copper core), therefore making this a relatively inexpensive craft.  In period, wire was made in a couple of different ways (and discussed in my posts on veil pins), though even the Birka pieces are small and use a very fine wire.

I’m sure you’re noticing a decided lack of perfectionism on these pieces.  Even the Birka finds show misshapen, squashed, and, in general, less than perfect pieces.  While some of that can be attributed to being underground for a thousand years (or more), I think it’s well within the realm of reality that these pieces were created with imperfections.  Unlike our medieval counterparts, our things are made within insane tolerances to meet mass-produced limits – from our clothing and jewellery, to our conveyances that get us from point A to point B, to even our research machines.

That being said, these are only my first posaments.  I’ll get better, and far cleaner.  Just takes practice.

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