Changes around the blog

Hi everyone!

Thanks to a major attack of life, I’ve not been updating my blog as often as I would have perhaps liked, however, life outside the SCA does trump life inside the SCA.

At any rate, my friend Anna, at, suggested that I add tags to my posts for ease of use for readers to my blog.  Most, if not all posts have been both categorized and tagged.

I’ve also noticed an uptick in plagiarism/dishonesty in both academic and non-academic communities, and I have to put my foot down.  Let me be exceedingly clear: if you see something that’s been posted on my blog, you may use, but you must credit me.  Per the Creative Commons licensure I have, you may use my posts in your piece if you 1) credit me [what attribution means], and 2) if you share your information, you must use the same licensure that I’ve used.  You are certainly welcome to cite my blog – but please, cite me!

Yes, I’m antsy about plagiarism – I’ve put several, several, several hours of work into this blog (and previous iterations), in my research, and in producing the pieces that I make.  It is only fair that I be credited for my work.

Additionally, I feel strongly that the SCA, being a hobby where chivalric ideals are the cornerstone for the fun that we have, should also attempt to follow said ideals.  My friend, Duke Garick von Köpke, wrote a piece about chivalric virtues, calling to mind honesty and honour.

Please do the honourable thing.

In less serious news, I am working on two (!) swap projects; one for Noblesse Largesse, and one for the East Kingdom Artisanal Exchange.  I have two disparate recipients, and the challenge for Noblesse Largesse is even higher as I will not be able to purchase anything – I have to use what’s in my stash.

The ideas are flowing, and I’m certainly going to see what I can wrangle.  Yes, when I’m done plotting and start making things, there will be photos.  Bwa ha ha ha.

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