A bit of an introductory post. . . but a sort of recap.

Photo by Keith Roberts (http://www.krobertsphotos.com/)

Photo by Keith Roberts (http://www.krobertsphotos.com/)

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, and with the numbers of new followers I have, I figured it was as good of a time as any. Hi there! I’m Konstantia Kaloethina, for those of you in the SCA. I’m currently serving as Calontir’s Gold Falcon Principal Herald, and I live in the Barony of Forgotten Sea. I am apprenticed to Bess Darnley of the East Kingdom, and am a protégé to Baron Gabriel Kjotvason, now of the Barony of the Lonely Tower.

Besides heraldry, I putter around with A&S, and I maintain this blog about the things I do in the SCA. I make a lot of jewellery and have a certain fondness for paternosters and other prayer beads, in addition to religious studies as done in period. I also do illumination, diamond-point engraving, and lampworking. I also created Nobelese Largesse, and while I am no longer involved with the day-to-day running of it, it remains a very happy memory of mine, and I assist other kingdom-level arts and sciences swaps where I can.

Outside of the SCA, I’m Rachel O., an account administrator for a travel insurance claims administrator.  I majored in history in college, and occasionally do graphics for fun.  My loves outside the SCA include travel to foreign countries, thrift store shopping, and tabletop gaming.

So, tell me about you. Who are you?  Where are you from? What do you do in the Society?

If you have a question, please leave a comment below.  I would love to answer it in a future blog post!

4 thoughts on “A bit of an introductory post. . . but a sort of recap.

  1. Greetings, m’lady! In some circles I am known as Sigga kausi Geiradotter, and hail from the Shire of Midhaven in the kingdom of An Tir.

    I serve as my shire’s chronicler and deputy herald (in training, and still very new at it). Besides spinning, sewing, and weaving, I very much enjoy illumination, and have recently begun to explore stonework (Norse style, mostly), and have been making decorated drop spindles for largesse.

    I’m going to greatly enjoy browsing through your back posts 🙂


  2. Wow, Kostantia. We are more alike than I realized. I too am an INTJ. Haven’t followed up on the other personality stuff. Clever to include that in your profile. But that’s you, clever.

    Admire you blog greatly. A role model, if you will.


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