Roses in the Garden?

100_4957Even in the chill of autumn, Calontir’s Order of the Rose flourishes – and this weekend, at Calontir’s 63rd Crown Tournament, a Rose in Any Medium contest was held.  So, in honour of #MedievalMonday, there is a post!

So, I decided to enter with a diamond point engraved glass goblet.

I was inspired by the recent finding in Spain of a 4th century engraved glass plate featuring a beardless (and very Roman-looking!) Christ, but had a very late period goblet to engrave.

One of the things I really love about diamond-point engraving is that it’s relatively inexpensive – in fact, the diamond stylus is the most expensive item.  The goblet is one of three I’ve picked up at a thrift store for about a dollar, and the shape and style looks appropriate to later period glasses, though, there are some goblets dating from the Abbasid era that look very modern.

At any rate, I first start by cleaning the glass with some isopropyl alcohol (yes, rubbing alcohol!) and a paper towel.  After that, I start by tracing out my initial design with a permanent marker (don’t worry – it comes off with rubbing alcohol), and then proceed to etch on the glass with the stylus.  It is nervewracking with the amount of pressure one must use in etching on glass, however, with practice (this is why I use thrift store glasses!), it can be done.

I will soon have a tutorial on diamond point engraving, with photos.

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