A thank you gift.

I returned home from my trip to Tir Mara (and playing with the Norse) only to jump into official duties as Gold Falcon Principal Herald of Calontir a few days after I returned.  In this case, I confirmed that the winner of Crown Tournament was indeed the rightful Heir of the kingdom as I saw him win Crown.  Little did I know that Their Majesties Martino and Ariel had planned a surprise for me.

Credit:  M. Rhianydd (V. Herschell)

Credit: M. Rhianydd (V. Herschell)

As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, I started this thing called Nobelese Largesse, which really has exploded across the Knowne World in some really incredible and amazing ways.  However, after three years of running six swaps, sometimes running swaps of over 100 people, it was time to take a break.  And in thanks, Their Majesties, as one of their final acts before stepping down, bestowed an incredible gift to me in thanks for creating and then stepping down.  Her Majesty pointed out that it is sometimes difficult to walk away from something that you’ve poured so much time and energy into, and I can agree with her on this.  NL has been a total source of joy and fun and I’m excited to create things for NL, but at the same time, running it is not something I think I can do right now.  (plus, well, that whole principal herald thing.)

Credit:  M. Rhianydd (V. Herschell)

Credit: M. Rhianydd (V. Herschell)

This handsewn linen tunica and dalmatica, as well as the hand beaded pallium were created by the Honourable Lady Roise inghean ui Ruaidhri, and I’m not sure how gobsmacked I look, but I assure you, I was.  It is wonderfully comfortable, and finding out that my Laurel was behind some of the shenanigans makes me giggle (and glad, as sewing is so not something I excel at!).  That being said – my goodness.  It is simply beautiful, and I look forward to wearing it in the future.  In fact, I have, as I wore it at CalonCon (thankfully due to some much cooler temperatures here), but I definitely want 14651554314_7e11e3e8b6_oto wear it more often because it’s just awesome.  (The pallium does weigh a ton, as it’s beaded with freshwater pearls, aventurine, and carnelian.)

To Their Graces – thank you.  And Roise, thank you for your time and talents.  I am honoured that you would share your work with me.

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