Byzantine Influence in the Modern World

D&G Fall 2013 Ready-to-WearI have to admit, watching the modern fashion world discover Byzantine layers, mosaics, jewellery, and well, Byzantine anything, really, does amuse me.  If Dolce and Gabbana can do an entire collection (Fall 2013 prêt-à-porter) using Byzantine influences from mosaics and jewellery (though, most of those are much later than my 6th century Byzantine persona), then there’s more of a resurgence in research and even those who find it interesting.

Think of it like media influence on the SCA, really.  When The Last Samurai, Braveheart, Shogun, Kingdom of Heaven, Troy, Gladiator, and Henry V released, there was an impact to the personae types that showed up – and as a herald in the SCA, I’m okay with this.  As a Byzantine persona, I’m excited that someone might be just as inspired by the same things that I’m inspired by.

I joke about being a part of the Byzanteam, and make snarky Byzantine-themed memes, but hardly a day goes by where I don’t find something new to pin to my Byzantine-themed Pinterest board.

It’s also surprising to find techniques from my relatively early SCA period/location that I use when I create jewellery for a modern client.  Wire links, wrapped beads, and even wire-wrapped closures all end up on that list, and it’s awesome.

I’m excited to see what the fashion world will use as an influence next.

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