Paternoster joy

After moving over from Blogger to WordPress (Hi everyone!), I’ve also been deep in paternoster joy.

It’s true.  I can’t go to a bead store without finding something that I’ve fallen in deep lust with, and over the weekend was no exception.  I found some gorgeous red horn beads as well as some silver-plated granulated beads, and with a bone cross that I already had at home, and after threading them on silk, I had a paternoster that looked pretty close to some exemplars that I’ve seen.100_4738 100_4740

In addition to the fibulae and the paternosters, I was tasked with taking on a couple of projects for TRM Calontir.  I’ll post those after Pennsic is over – I promise.

I’m also in the middle of writing a couple of ceremonies, and with permission, I’ll see if I can post those when I’m done.

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