Going Greek. Sort of.

The upcoming reign is a classical Greek reign, which is why I’m furiously working on garb for this weekend, which is Coronation.  After raiding Walmart for sheets (they make fantastic peplos!), I realised I needed to have something to actually turn a bedsheet into piece of clothing.

I raided my jewellery box, and unfortunately nothing.

Go go gadget research (and a Pinterest trawl), and I found this – and while I don’t have a forge, I do have wire.  A lot of wire.  And a hammer.  And a bit of patience.

Behold my faint copy.  It will do in a pinch (Coronation is tomorrow morning), but for quick and dirty and won’t ruin my new bedsheets too much, I’ve got four fibulae and time to work on getting my house back to some semblance of working order after being gone for essentially a month.

While I was gone, I got to go play with the Norse at L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.  L’Anse aux Meadows is known as the first Norse settlement in North America (done in the 8th century), where western and eastern migration met again when the Norse and the Beothuk met to trade.

I got some photos of the recreations at Norstead (not far from where Leif Ericsson and his people settled, actually) and L’Anse Aux Meadows.  Let me tell you – there is nothing cooler than seeing a sod longhouse with icebergs in the distance.  It really helps capture history in a unique way.

In addition to this, I also went to the former Colony of Avalon, and saw some beautiful beads that were used in rosaries, as well as some used in trade.  The Colony of Avalon is from the other end of the spectrum – early to mid-17th century, however, many of the items found dated from SCA period

I’m really inspired to work on something from my period, and then some.  I also received some gorgeous silk that needs to be made into garb, and soon.

I’ve also been asked to work on some items for the kingdom’s Pennsic gift basket to Caid.  Once these are complete, I’ll be posting them.

Welcome home, inspiration.

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