Handouts and Classes Taught

Classes Taught

  • Easy-Peasy English Country Dance, 2010 Calontir
  • Making Byzantine Wire-work Jewellery, Clothier’s Seminar 2011, Calontir
  • Prayer Beads, Paternosters, and Islamic Prayer Beads, Layali al-Wuqud (Night of Bonfires) 2012, Calontir
  • Budgeting Time and Avoiding Burnout, taught with Mistress Kayleigh Mac Whyte at KWHSS 2013, Ansteorra
  • Client Care at the Consult Table, KWHSS 2014, Caid
  • Volunteer Management in the SCA, KWHSS 2014, Caid
  • Making Weather-Resistant Heraldic Banners, Calontir Heralds’ Retreat 2015
  • Court Heraldry Masterclass, Calontir Heralds’ Retreat 2015
  • Dressing the Vestal Virgin, Clothier’s Seminar 2016, Calontir
  • Teaching Classes in the SCA, taught with The Honourable Lord Cathus the Curious, Bellewode Symposium 2016, Calontir
  • Pilgrim Prayer: Paternosters and How to Create Them, Feast of Eagles 2016, Calontir
  • I’ve Submitted, Now What?: SCA Heraldic Submissions 101, Calontir Heralds’ Retreat 2016
  • Court Heraldry Roundtable, taught with Mistress Dorcas Whitecap, Lord Saito Takauji, and Tiarna Diarmaid O Briain, Calontir Heralds’ Retreat 2016
  • Behind the Curtain: What Does Gold Falcon Actually Do?, taught with Mistress Dorcas Whitecap and Lord Saito Takauji, Calontir Heralds’ Retreat 2016
  • What the Bling?: an overview of awards and regalia, Chieftains 2017, Calontir
  • Juzu, or Japanese Prayer Beads, Clothier’s Seminar 2017, Calontir
  • So You Want to Be a Principal Herald, taught with Master Ryan Mac Whyte, Master Cormac Mor, and Master Kameshima Zentarou Umakai, KWHSS 2017, Meridies
  • What The Bling?!: regalia, court comportment, and award recommendations, Valor 2018, Calontir
  • A Quick Trip Through Byzantium: a survey of Byzantine Clothing, Clothier’s Seminar 2019, Calontir
  • Introduction to Principal Heralds Roundtable, taught with Saito Takauji, Brigida von Muenchen, Paul fitz Denis, and Ioannes Glenfidanus, KWHSS 2019, Calontir
  • Volunteer Management and You, taught with Wu Yun, KWHSS 2019, Calontir
  • Scribbles and Scrawls: Getting Started with Painting Preprints, virtual class during the COVID-19 outbreak, Calontir (class video is here)
  • Heraldic Myths and Misconceptions, taught with Saito Takauji, virtual class during the COVID-19 outbreak, Calontir. (podcast can be found here.)
  • Powerful Powders: Making Paint from Pigment, Calontir Heraldic, Scribal, and Dance Symposium 2022, Calontir

Published Handouts and Other Documentation