Omphaloskepsis: Burnout sucks.

“Konstantia, where have you been? Why have you not been blogging so often?”

I’ll tell you.

Burnout sucks. For many of us, the SCA is everything we do.

It was certainly that way for me for a while. My social life was entirely the SCA. I moderated groups on That Social Media Site for the SCA. I did all of my art projects . . . for the SCA. I’d drop everything and do only the SCA. All of my relationships within my avocation had to do with the Society.

I have to tell you: that schtuff is exhausting.

And, as I’m learning, really not that healthy. Lots of impostor syndrome and wondering if you’re ever good enough. When something in your life becomes that all-encompassing, it’s time to take a major step back, especially if it’s not making you happy.

So I did. I took . . . rather, I’m taking a major break.

I’m still here, but I’m taking care of me. I’m not at as many events. I don’t comment on SCA things as often on That Other Social Media Site. (I mean, I still do, especially when I get summoned, but, it’s less of a priority.)

In fact, I’m going to KWHSS this year (next week!), teaching two classes, and then, who knows what I’m going to do next? I’m painting more modern stuff. As much as I love the medieval, I need a break, otherwise, the SCA won’t hold the magic that it once did.

I learned some important things – like knowing to just go do something not SCA-related. And while most of my friends on That Other Social Media Site are SCAdians (and I still ask SCA-related questions), I’m playing board games and doing other things. It’s okay to take a step back. I learned that if I’m rubbed so raw by things in the Society that it’s probably time to go do something – anything – else.

In short, the SCA is not the end-all of activities. It’s absolutely okay to go do something else, and not everything you do has to be done through an SCA lens. If you’re fighting that rubbed raw feeling, go do something else. Anything.

Also, in case you’re wondering – this blog isn’t going anywhere. There’s still plenty to explore and to find; but I’m just going to be a bit more slow about posting things about my findings – I’ve got a board game to catch, after all.

2 thoughts on “Omphaloskepsis: Burnout sucks.

  1. Sorry for self-plugging, but last year I wrote about dealing with SCA burnout if you want to comb through it for ideas. I’m really glad you’re taking time to find balance. I always feel like the SCA is supposed to enhance once’s life, not be one’s life. That said, I wouldn’t have my husband or my babies if I hadn’t gone along to my friend’s medieval thing. 😘


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