Update on Projects

I seem to be doing updates to my unfinished list, but on the other hand, it feels good to get things knocked off of a list.

What is done:

  1. Nobelese Largesse Secret Project (blogged about here)
  2. Mar’s Quilt block (no photos, but it’s also done and I’m mostly happy with it)
  3. Write Pelican scroll text for Jaida de Leon (which will be blogged about and revealed when she is elevated!)
  4. Create Pelican scroll for Jaida de Leon (which has been handed off to another artist to complete, along with my research)
  5. New traveling trophy for the Barony A&S Champion (who is currently me, but I’m looking forward to handing that one off)
  6. A whole slew of Facebook frames for at least five kingdoms and one principality.(while not a period art, it is a service and probably something I should post.)

29365801_10155576089482569_6638050897190453248_oThe traveling trophy needs a tiny bit more work to it, but, I’m pretty happy with it.  It’s a carved bone tablet medallion, which isn’t really period, but neither is a belt favour.  I used my Dremel and flexshaft because of the arthritis in my hands.  In period, bone carving would have been done with sharp knives, chisels, and other woodworking equipment.  Since the event has been postponed, I’ll have a chance to get some clean-up work done on it.

28061547_10155502682517569_4678076538706871616_oI also created a piece of jewellery back in February out of random beads I had around my house, and did so as part of a jewellery-making demo at PlanetComicon.  It’s been a while since I’ve made a piece of jewellery for no other particular reason other than I could.

For someone who has lost the joy of jewellery making, it felt pretty okay to make a piece because I wanted to – and not because a commission was waiting on it.  I used freshwater pearls and emeralds, and I made the clasp.

What still needs to be done.

  1. Lined Skjoldehamn hood (I have to take this apart, line with fabric, and then put it back together.)
  2. Cutting out several Byzantine bone box blanks in preparation for turning into Byzantine box icons.  (I’ve gotten started on these, but I’m in the middle of tax season.  My life is a bit crazy.)
  3. Sewing up Byzantine boy garb (PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS!)
  4. Thaddeus’ Achievement of Arms
  5. Making more casual Byzantine clothing (PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS!)
  6. Heraldic banner for my significant other.
  7. Painting Aed’s shield.

I also started a Patreon to help me stay motivated to create art.  If you’re so inclined, please consider supporting me.  I’d appreciate it – the arts can be expensive to produce.

12 thoughts on “Update on Projects

      • Are there extant examples of Byzantine trousers or are you having to juxtapose? There is a mosaic example that shows that the Thorsbjerg Trouser style traveled as far as MAcedonia. My husband has a bubble-butt and they work well for him.


      • Having to juxtapose – I’m looking at the Thorsberg trousers, but even noting if guys have bubble-bums, I especially want to be aware of covering my butt.

        (It’s an issue I have in modern clothes, so I’m acutely aware of issues I might have with medieval ones.)


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