It’s been a year: goal-writing and the SCA

I have to admit, I’m not one for writing goals.  On the other hand, though, I can see the point.  I’m also not one for resolutions (because self-improvement, while hard, is something that I think we’re all working on in one way or another).  On the other other hand, goal-writing allows us to see our own growth and learn from what we’ve done in the past – it’s not a checklist.  It’s a way to see how far you’ve come as a person (or your kit, etc.) and yet still show how far you have to go, and then using that as a form of finding contentment.  It’s kind of Zen, really.

Still, after seeing the question on the Boke of Faces (and okay, asking it myself in my kingdom FB group), I figured I should at least give it a try.

Goal #1: actually finish a project before taking on another one.img_5073
I have a problem.  It usually sounds like “Oh, yes!  I could do that!”  The problem is, while I can do things, it’s a matter of what other projects are on my plate.  I have some, like the Baronial Roll of Arms project (which I need to blog about – see right photo to get an idea) happens on specific nights, so I can work around that.  But, I also need to put in some serious work on a Gold Falcon handbook, too, and that’s harder.  (Especially since doing scribal is, in comparison, more instant gratification)  So, I’m going to be more conscious about what I’m actually working on before I take on another project.  This also refers to service – don’t volunteer time that you can’t take on, either. Actually take a break!

Goal #2: update my kit.
My soft court kit really is in pretty good shape.  However, I do need things like underlayers and shoes that actually look right that have an actual sole on them.  On the other hand, I’d like to eventually get authorized and start fighting Calontir Cut and Thrust, which means that I need to sit down and figure out what that fighting kit looks like, and what the rest of the nuts and bolts bits of it look like.  That is going to take some research and decisions, and lots of linen.  Oh, and swords.  Oh, yay, swords!

Goal #3: get authorized in Calontir Cut and Thrust.
I did some cut and thrust at a small event at the Shire of Theobald College, and I really had a lot of fun with it.  Also, may it be said that while I really didn’t like the concept of doing cut and thrust, my mind has been changed, and I’m glad that this is something that I feel good about doing.  It also means I need to eat better, move more, and actually drink more water.  So, I suppose that technically, this is a backwards route to a New Year’s Resolution.

Goal #4: Blog more often.
I’m really bad about updating the blog and going into projects and why I’ve done things and oh, yeah, persona stuff.  Part of this is not really knowing where to focus in on.  Jewellery is fun, and the stuff from my time period is really pretty simple.  But, there’s so much more to it, too.  I forget to share things here (especially when I’ve shared them on the Boke of Faces), especially since I can go so much more in depth with them.  So, this is where you come in.  What do you want to know about Byzantium?  Are there foods you’re curious about?  Do you have weird questions that you’ve always wanted to ask?  Please ask the questions!  I’ll try and go through and have an open question post, where I’ll ask for questions and then answer them in future posts.

Goal #5: Find the joy.
The SCA really is a lot of fun.  It’s part of the reason it’s been a big part of my life for the past decade.  Unfortunately, in the last two years, I’ve lost a lot of that joy.  (Then again, I also went through a lot of personal and family issues while being a kingdom officer, and I really don’t recommend that to anyone).  Technically, I started back on this path of joy-seeking earlier in 2016, but it’s a good path to remain on.  I’ll try to write more award recommendations, compliment more people, ask more questions, and do more quiet service.  And I invite you to do the same, as well.

And that’s it!  There are my five goals for Anno Societatis LI/LII (because that new SCA year in May throws everything off)!  Hope to hear more from you, and I hope to keep looking and doing things – but keeping my sanity and my joy in mind.

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