Paternoster for Andreas von Meißen

100_6001My friend Andreas was given invitation to join Ansteorra’s Order of the White Scarf not too long ago, and I had always kind of planned on making him a paternoster.

This just moved up the schedule.

This particular paternoster isn’t based off a specific historical object within our SCA period.  It is, however, keying off a couple of important design aspects from the time period he wanted.

Andreas is a Catholic German fighting in France, c. 1570.  By this time, Henry VIII had lived and died, Anne of Cleves had converted to and from and back to Catholicism, and Lutheranism was spreading through Germany – and yet, prayer beads were still a large part of the Christian ethos at this time.  Memento mori was still a thing.

So, I went through my bead boxes (of which I have a ton) and started pulling out items.  Andreas did want skulls (tying in that memento mori thing), and he wanted garnet red, which I’m glad I was able to do.  I used Czech Druk beads, which are handmade and while consistent, there are some that aren’t exactly perfect – and that’s okay!  I feel it makes the piece look more period.  I also gave him the option between a cross and a tassel, as both are period.  Many modern reenactors and recreationists are not as comfortable with crosses, either due to personal thoughts or not actually being the faith of the people they try to portray, which is why I like giving this option.  Additionally, making tassels is a lot of fun, and allows for all sorts of adding flash to an outfit.

I also added items like a small jar (to act as a reliquary), a rose (to represent Marian devotion, or also to show his service to queens of his kingdom, a Sacred Heart, and perhaps my favourite, a small St. Gabriel, because like me, Andreas is a herald.

I’m pleased to say Andreas received his paternoster earlier this week.  Now, to make a few more!

2 thoughts on “Paternoster for Andreas von Meißen

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