Scrolls and banners and joy, oh my!

I’m going to say it, to hardly anyone’s surprise: I love shenanigans.  And when my Laurel, Bess, contacted me for two big, very awesome ones, I was going to do them.

IMG_3265_2My apprentice-sister Mergriet Van Wijenhorst (or Griet, as we all call her), was granted admittance and elevated into the Order of the Laurel in the East for her mad-awesome cooking skills and research in Dutch life.  My Laurel asked me to paint her heraldry on a banner, so I did.  Serendipitously, here in Calontir, we had a St. George’s Cross in any Medium competition, and as Griet’s heraldry has a very prominent red cross.  So, I entered it.  And won (which was cool, but I couldn’t tell her until now)!  It is painted acrylic on canvas.

100_5647And then there’s the four day scroll.  My lord, Díarmaid, picked me from work while he was here visiting me, and asked if I had time to make a scroll.  I then talked to my Laurel, who let me know it was for her husband, Yesungge Altan.  She also arranged for the scroll text to be written by Yesungge’s knight, Kaidu.  I then contacted my friend Maerwynn, who had a Mongolian reign, and who created a Mongolian-type hand for her AoA-level scrolls.  I figured I was going to do a Mongolian gerege, which was also known as a paiza when certain Venetians (*coughMarcoPolocough*) got a hold of them.

Once I had these two items, I then went through my craft room, and found a brass plate.  I used a jeweller’s saw to round the corners and cut the hole in the middle, 100_5649and then, with a fine-tipped permanent marker and a bit of artist’s tape to help with keeping straight lines, marked out the text of the scroll and the parts that I’d engrave with a Dremel (because I only had four days to complete it).  Had I time, I probably would have looked at casting or doing some sort of etching to get raised letters, not engraved ones.

Congrats to both of you!  I am so proud of both of you!

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