Secret Project Roundup!

One of the things I love are secret projects.  I’ve been commissioned to make a few of them (and unfortunately, this is part of the reason for my long dry spell, as I couldn’t talk about them!) and now that they’ve been given, I can now post about them!

100_5180 First piece is a juzu, commissioned by a friend of mine (never trust anyone with Kaloethes as part of their name.  Mischief is going to be afoot) for her significant other.  This particular piece uses glass and an agate bead and is strung on silk.

The recipient is one of the folks in the Calontir College of Heralds, so doubly cool to make something for one of the deputies of my office.  Even better is having him mule his own gift home, only to have it be given to him at a later date!  (I love silly surprises like that!)


The second piece is a painted banner.  I apologise for the photo quality of this piece, (mea culpa!), however, I am glad I did at least document it.  I hope to get photos of it after Lilies.  It’s for (now) Sir Uldin of Ravenscroft.  The process is period, but the materials are not (acrylic and latex exterior paint!).  There will be a write-up of the process soon, with documentation.  Look for this soon.  This is a great way to decorate weather-resistant banners for campsites, and adds so much colour to halls and to camps.

IMG_3322_2I am working on another big project, and will hopefully have photos of that soon.  I’ve dubbed it Project Flammen, and it’s (hopefully) for an upcoming major event.  I’m excited!  For now, enjoy this silly photo of me rolling around in eight yards of pristine white linen.  (it feels so yummy!)

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