And I’m back . . .

100_3108 by constantiak
100_3108, a photo by constantiak on Flickr.

. . . with more projects. So soon after my return from Canada, too! (I came back from my two weeks away yesterday. I have issues.)

I’m part of a group on Facebook called SCA Medieval Barter Town that is somewhat of an offshoot of Noblesse Largesse. People create items for other people, and then barter them off for other items. It’s a really cool thing.

So, I’m working on four blank borders for someone. I’ve been given some direction – a Roman one, a Norse/Viking one, a 12th c Crusader one, and finally, a 14th c one.

This is the 14th c. one. I’m kind of pleased with it. I need to add some vinework to it, but it’s really getting close to what I’d want out of it.

Now I have to get some more pergamenata, and I need to get started on my encaustic projects, too.

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