What’s going on now?

So, I’m working on my documentation for the Gallo-Roman necklace.  But, of course, I’m doing more than that – I’ve got a piece of garb that I’m working on, too!  (Mostly because I might be completely crazy, but I also need garb that fits better, so there’s that.)  At any rate, the photos for the Gallo-Roman are done.

I also have a bit of a pictorial dress diary for the tunic that I’m working on, but as sewing is not really my forte (or even patterning, for that matter) that can be found at the following link: New Byzantine Garb Dress Diary!

I’ll be posting my documentation for the Gallo-Roman piece when that’s finally done, and I’m thinking that there will be an appendix for it.  (I’m a little wordy, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.)

One thing that I did fail to note on this piece is that the same wire-wrapped technique that the simple Byzantine necklace tutorial covers is the exact same one.  The only difference between this one and the Byzantine necklace is a three strand subdivision between links, which, from what I can tell, is extremely unusual in Roman jewellery.  It’s really neat, but can’t find much of an explanation for.  Given the amount of wire and time that this took, it is totally possible that this may have belonged to a higher ranking noblewoman (wife or daughter of a magistrate) than perhaps someone of a lower class.

Questions like this will be asked, and we may not always have the complete answer, but we will certainly try to get the big ones (who, where, and how) answered.  Why is much more fun, but will mostly end in conjecture.

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